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Code de-Code

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Activity Level

1. Identify

About the Activity

In the Code Decode activity, we will be making a code sheet and using different colours to differentiate matras.

Hindi Activity-Letters-using LipiTiles®


  • Some Lipi Tiles® letters

  • Lipi Tiles® matras

  • Blank sheets of paper

  • Colour pencils



You can do the code-decode activity in many ways.

  1. Mix it up: Once they get confident that they’ve figured out the matras, their actions and their sounds, you can mix up the groups of matras - like aa, oo, ru, i, in one group, etc.

  2. Word Recognition: You can increase the challenge more by building words with Lipi Tiles® and asking them to write each matra using a colour according to the code-sheet, while reading it aloud. This way you can help them level up their reading skills from letters to words. 

  3. Jumbled words: You can form a few words using Lipi Tiles®, and jumble up the letters. Then make a code for each word that your child can then use to build the jumbled words again. This can be a good way to build your child’s vocabulary by asking them to try out various letter-matra combinations to decode the correct word.


The Code Decode activity with Lipi Tiles® is quite beneficial:

  1. Differentiate between confusing matras: In Lipi Tiles®, the matras are in white and the letters are in 8 different colours. This helps your child to see matras as separate from the letters. So when they do this activity, they pay attention to the shape and sound of each matra even more.

  2. Code the shape of the matra: Since this activity makes them see the matras in a different colour and then write the same combination in another colour, they are learning to code the shape of the matra and letters in their memory in a fun way, using their favourite colours.

  3. Practice reading and writing: All of this is a brilliant way to get your child to become familiar with how these colourful letters and matras can be joined to form words and then sentences! They begin to put together their knowledge of letter recognition and begin to read and write words in their entirety.

Step 1

Take the Lipi Tiles® letters and matras and join them to make pairs of vyanjan-matra combinations.

Step 2

On a blank sheet of paper make a code sheet by writing each matra next to a different colour. You can start with groups of matras like aa, i and ii - then, u, uu, ru - then e, ei, o, ou - and so on.

Step 3

Next, show your child one letter-matra combination at a time, and using the code-sheet, ask them to write it using a matching colour pencil.

Step 4

Encourage your child to read aloud each letter and matra they write.

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