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अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न

  • What material is Lipi Tiles® made of?
    Lipi Tiles® is made of acrylic or PMMA. This means that it is: absolutely free from harmful toxin BPA waterproof colour-fast and does not bleed.
  • My child is 2.5 years old, can I introduce them to Lipi Tiles®?"
    Lipi Tiles® contains small pieces that may be choking hazards. We recommend that you introduce your child to Lipi Tiles® at at least 3 years of age, or whenever your child is accustomed to stop themselves from injesting non-edibles. All the same, if Lipi Tiles® is intended for use by an older sibling, please be sure to return the product to its original packaging after every use to avoid accidental misuse.
  • I'd love to teach my child Tamil and other languages using Lipi Tiles®. When will you be launching new languages?
    We're a small business trying our best to adapt our innovation to multiple Indian languages. We hope to launch Lipi Tiles® Tamil by December 2021. Do stay tuned and follow us on social media for any further developments. Please leave a message if you have any special requests for languages and we'll make sure to speed them up on our product roadmap.
  • What can I teach or do with Lipi Tiles®?
    We've curated a list of activities for different learning levels, ensuring Lipi Tiles® grows with your child. Check out our Instagram profile here for detailed steps on these activities and short binge-able videos.
  • I've placed my order, when will it be delivered?"
    As per our experience working with our courier partner, we expect delivery time to be about 5 days from dispatch date.
  • Why is Lipi Tiles® priced this way?
    We're a small business trying to solve a very real problem of lack of toys for learning Indian languages. We operate at small quantities unlike large corporations. What we offer is personalised support and recommendations that will help you plan your child's Indian language learning journey. With your support, we can bring learning toys for Indian languages to the mainstream market.
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