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Dissolve Dish

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Activity Level

2. Apply

About the Activity

Level up your child's Hindi/Marathi/Sanskrit reading and spelling skills from letters to words!

Here's a fun sensory activity to get your children to spell in Hindi. Simply spell, break, dip, fish and join.

Hindi Activity-Letters-using LipiTiles®


  • One large basin

  • Tap water to fill the basin

  • Black ink, paint or any dark food-colouring

  • A few Lipi Tiles® pieces



  1. Increase Difficulty Level: You can increase the difficulty level gradually by using letters  of the same colour and letters that look alike and adding them to the basin.

  2. Test their memory: You could also dissolve a few words that sound similar and make it more challenging by asking them to fish out and build the words in the same order. बाघ, बाग़, भाग

  3. Time the activity: Children may get carried away with feeling the water in their fingers and may forget to actually do the learning activity. To prevent this, what you could do is time the activity by counting down from say 10 or 20 and give them a set time period within which they have to find the correct Lipi Tiles® pieces and build the word.

  4. Ask your child to help you clean up: And as always, any hands-on activity will be messy. Ask your child to help you clean up, and share the work. After all, part of learning through play is having to take responsibility for the space around them!


  1. Differentiate between confusing matras: They learn to better differentiate between confusing matras, by practising the different sounds of the letters and matras.

  2. Use multiple senses: This activity has an element of surprise in it that helps you engage all their senses while learning. They don’t know which Lipi Tiles® piece they are going to get while fishing for it and they get to practice recognising the shape of the letter, making the sound of it and seeing if it is part of the word they are trying to build.

  3. Experiential learning: This cycle of experiencing something concrete with their hands, reflecting on the shape of the letter, conceptualising the sound of the letter and finally, actively experimenting with the letter to build the intended word - forms the 4 steps of experiential learning - which is a scientifically proven method to make learning more fun and engaging.

Step 1

Build some simple words using Lipi Tiles® - kamal, chhota, sitare, akshar.

Step 2

Fill the basin with water and add some dark colour to it - you can use any food colouring or poster paint, just as long as you cannot see through the water.

Step 3

Now, ask your child to pick a word and dissolve the Lipi Tiles® letters in the water.

Step 4

Add a few extra Lipi Tiles® letters in the water.

Step 4

Next, ask your child to fish out the correct letters and build the original word.

Step 4

Encourage your child to read aloud each letter or matra they fish out from the water.

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