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Scramble Sack

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Activity Level

2. Apply

About the Activity

Scramble Sack - where we will be keeping a few Lipi Tiles® pieces in a bag, taking them out at random and building words with these pieces. Bag the letters and get surprised by what Lipi Tiles® pieces you draw!

Hindi Activity-Letters-using LipiTiles®


  • A few Lipi Tiles® consonants (vyanjan)

  • One set of all Lipi Tiles® matras.

  • A drawstring bag to keep the Lipi Tiles® pieces in.



The Scramble Sack activity is quite flexible. Here are a few tips for you to do this activity with your child:

  1. Try not to give them answers: This activity can be quite tempting for you to jump in and direct them with all the words they should be building. But try your best not to do that. Encourage them to try thinking of words themselves.

  2. Keep a book handy: You can keep a book handy for them to refer to, in case they face any difficulty. We don’t want them to get too demotivated by the challenge.

  3. Award points: For every letter they use to build a word, award them 10 points. This way, you can nudge them to build words as big as they can. In case they need to exchange a letter with another from the bag, they can do it by losing 5 points. But, as we always emphasise, the goal is not to get points, but to build words and learn.


The Scramble Sack with Lipi Tiles® has several benefits:

  1. Use Creative Thinking Skills: This activity helps them exercise their creative thinking skills by trying to build words while working through constraints - there are only a limited number of matras and letters.

  2. Build Vocabulary: The element of suspense in drawing out a letter and figuring out what word to build with it is an excellent way to build their vocabulary.

  3. Experiential Learning: This simple activity also has all the four elements of experiential learning cycle - they draw out a letter - forming a concrete experience, observe and recognise the letter, they conceptualise - does this letter help me form a word?, and they actively experiment to see if the word they want can be built with the letters and matras they have in hand. A beautiful way for them to revise their vocabulary, instead of how we used to memorise shabdarth in our books.

  1. Add the Lipi Tiles® vyanjan pieces in the bag and pull the drawstring.

  2. Place one set of all Lipi Tiles® matras next to the bag.

  3. Let your child draw 5 letters and build a word using any of these letters and any matra.

  4. Draw out as many letters from the bag to replace the letters used to build the word.

  5. The goal is to keep building as many words as possible with the given Lipi Tiles® letters and matras.

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