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Treasure Hunt

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Activity Level

2. Apply

About the Activity

Get your child to wear a detective's hat and hunt for jumbled letters in your house! That's right - Treasure Hunt - a party game, but with jumbled Hindi words using Lipi Tiles®.

Hindi Activity-Letters-using LipiTiles®


  • A few words with Lipi Tiles®

  • A rewards, like a toy, favourite snack or chocolates.

  • Hiding places around the house!



  1. Increase Difficulty Level: You can increase the difficulty level and include more variety in the Treasure Hunt by asking your child to write the word on a piece of paper after unjumbling the word and building it. Also, you can write phrases like, “bistar ke neeche” to make them think a bit harder to solve the clue.

  2. Reverse-Play: In fact, this is a great activity for your child to design for you to play. Once they get the hang of this treasure hunt, it will be very interesting to see how they design it for you, by choosing words for clues, expanding their vocabulary and thinking of ways to make it just hard enough for you to think but easy enough to solve the jumbled words.

  3. Choose Appropriate Rewards: The entire activity in itself is quite gratifying because it gives your child quick wins each time they solve a clue and move to the next hiding place. So try to keep the end reward just interesting for them to enjoy, but not so indulgent that they forget that they actually spent time learning something new. You know your child best, but some examples are, a handful of chocolates, some new stationery items, or a favourite snack like chips.

  4. Ask your child to help you clean up: At the end of the activity, you’re bound to have Lipi Tiles® pieces all over the house. Be sure to include your child in your cleaning-up so that together, you can keep all the Lipi Tiles® pieces safely inside the box.


  1. Revise Vocabulary: This is an excellent way to help them revise their vocabulary by practicing the spelling of words they know through storybooks and textbooks.

  2. Use multiple senses: This activity has an element of suspense in it that helps you engage all their senses while building their vocabulary and spelling skills. They get to use all their senses while running around the house moving from one clue to the next, trying to build colourful words with their hands and also work out the sounds of each letter and matra in the words.

  3. Kinesthetic Learning: This activity allows them a good break from sitting still and studying. It makes them use their energy and body movements to find their next clue and think about the correct word using the jumbled Lipi Tiles® letters. At the end of the activity they get a sense of achievement, and you can then channel that excitement to let them put pencil on paper.

Step 1

Start with building out some Hindi words using Lipi Tiles®. You could select words that are related to the places where you'd be hiding these as clues.

Step 2

Next, jumble up the words and hide them in their respective places.

Step 3

At the end of the last clue, lay out the reward for finding and answering all the clues!

Step 4

Your child then has to start with the first clue, unjumble the letters, build the word and move to the next clue.

Step 5

Continue this till they reach the final reward.

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