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Lipi Tiles® Devanagari Edition

Lipi Tiles® Devanagari Edition


175 pieces included!


Lipi Tiles® helps your child:

  • Practice spelling in Hindi in a fun way

  • Enhance their fine motor skills

  • Interact with the letters of a new script using multiple senses.


Sit with your child and watch them join letters, build words and learn to spell in Hindi.

Lipi Tiles® Devanagari Edition contains:

  • An Activity Brochure containing 10 activities for different learning levels, ensuring Lipi Tiles® grows with your child!
  • A list of words to help build your child's vocabulary using Lipi Tiles®
  • 175 pieces including:
    • 3 copies of matras (diacritics) ि ,  ु , े , etc.

    • 2 copies of letters (vowels and consonants) अ, क , etc.

    • 1 set of half/joint letters, क्य, व्य, ब्ब, etc.

The Add-on: Sanskrit Characters contains the following additional matras, at an added cost:

  • ऽ (अवग्रह) x 2
  • ् (हलंत ) x 3
  • ः (विसर्ग) x 3
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