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Make spelling in Indian languages as fun as playing with building blocks.

Lipi Tiles® is an Indian toy to help your kids learn to spell.
Join. Build. Spell.


Introduce your child to Hindi through timeless Montessori inspired playful learning!


Help your child develop fine motor skills and prepares for reading and writing in Hindi


Let your child learn Hindi hands-on, using all their senses - touch, movement, auditory and visual!


"What a fabulous product! Thank you for making learning a new language interesting. It has changed my child's approach towards learning the language completely!"

Shehzan Aga | Educator and parent

One of the best Hindi resources I came across!

Nikita Choudhury | CA, Social Media Influencer and parent

Thank you Lipi Tiles! Our students are enjoying learning Hindi with your tiles. They are very effective and make learning Hindi easier.

Anjali Sanghi | Award winning educator, parent, author

LipiTiles Pieces used in a hands-on Montessori inspired activity to learn Hindi letters

Activity Ideas

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