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Mud Hunt

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Activity Level

1. Identify

About the Activity

Here is a fun sensory skills based activity using Lipi Tiles® Devanagari Edition to help your child identify different letters, their meanings, sounds and connection to real world objects.

Hindi Activity-Letters-using LipiTiles®


  • One large basin

  • Sand

  • 6 Lipi Tiles® pieces

  • 6 everyday objects corresponding to the Lipi Tiles® pieces.



This activity can be done at multiple levels:

  1. Increase Difficulty: You can make it slightly harder by using Lipi Tiles® of the same colour - like k, kha, g, gha, nga. 

  2. Note Challenges: Keep note of which letters your child gets confused with. 

  3. Encourage your child when they are struggling and be patient with their pace of learning. Give them a chance to try it out themselves before helping them out with the correct way. 

  4. Ask your child to help you clean up after the activity is over so that they are aware of the space around them as they do something hands-on.


The Mud Mania activity with Lipi Tiles® is a delightful way for your child to: 

  1. Get familiar with Hindi letters using all their senses - they’re seeing all the colours of the pieces, the objects, they’re feeling the textures of the sand, the letters, the objects, they’re associating sounds with each letter, and they’re getting their hands dirty! 

  2. It’s also a great way for them to connect the meaning of letters to real-world objects around them. Many times when we jump to using a pencil and notebook, they don’t understand the purpose of what they’re learning and they can get bored quite easily. This activity helps them connect letters to words to objects around them in a fun way 

  3. Associate literacy skills with fun: they also begin to see learning Hindi letters as fun as playing with mud!

Step 1

Fill a basin or large vessel with sand.

Step 2

Select 6 Lipi Tiles® of different colours.

Step 3

Find a few toys or objects that start with these letters.

Step 4

Bury the Lipi Tiles® letters and objects in the sand.

Step 5

Introduce each letter along with the corresponding object.

Step 6

Let your child fish out each letter and enunciate with you.

Step 7

Do this a couple of times.

Step 8

Additionally, build the introduced words with Lipi Tiles® and describe them to your child.

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